We all know tan lines aren't stylish. Whether it's when we wear a halter top or even when we change our swimsuit for a day.

We would all like to erase our tan lines while still feeling comfortable and trendy at the beach.

Caevita is your solution!

Thanks to the fabric we work with, our swimsuits give you an even tan. However, for optimal results, do not hesitate to follow our advice!

  • Apply at least 30 sunscreen to parts of your body not covered by the jersey. Indeed, our swimsuits protect you from UVB rays, which are harmful to your skin. Your whole body must therefore be protected at the same equivalent in order to only allow the same solar UV rays to pass through. Caevita swimsuits and sunscreen allow only UVA , not UVB, penetration.
  • Shift your straps slightly from time to time (it is recommended to do this approximately every hour). As you understood, we work with a special fabric. However, elastics cannot be made with this same fabric. It is therefore necessary to offset them slightly in order not to have the trace of the elastic.
  • Remember that you are less tanned on your private parts. But don't worry, this shade difference will fade with more exposure with our Caevita swimsuits. Your current demarcation cannot go away overnight. Indeed, even if you are going to tan through your jersey, your body will also tan at the same time.

    Don't hesitate to order yours before summer!

    06 April, 2022